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Delta ASDA A2 Servo Drive Series

The Delta ASDA-A2 Servo drives are ideally used for Precise carving machine, precise lathe/milling machine, double column type machining center, TFT LCD cutting machine, robot arm, IC packaging machine, high-speed packaging machine, CNC processing equipment, injection processing equipment, label inserting machine, food packaging machine, printing applications. These series of servo drives are available in 100 kW-15 kW output power ranges and continuous output Current of 0.9-70.0 Amperes. The Delta ASDA-A2 Servo drive varieties include a 1-Phase / 3-Phase 200V class, dedicated 3-Phase 200V class and 3-Phase 400V class servo drives. ASDA-A2 drives are capable of being operated in Position Control, Speed Control and Torque Control mode.

The Delta ASDA-A2 Servo Drives are provided with intuitive design, allowing user to immediately identify the drive’s operational status and fault codes via the embedded 5-Digit, 7-Segment display and standard operator interface installed at the drive’s front panel . The Delta ASDA-A2 Servo accepts 17-bit resolution absolute encoder or 20-bit resolution incremental encoder that functions as the drive’s feedback.

The Delta ASDA-A2 Servo Drives also comes with serial communication port as standard that is used for communicating with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), and other compatible controllers that support RS232 and RS485 communication. This same series of servo drives also support CANopen, EtherCAT, and DMCNET communication protocols.

Delta ASDA-A2 Servo Drives are mainly configured using ASDA-Soft configuration software. Supplemental tools such as ASDA_MSizing, model specific EDS files are also available to properly size and configure Delta ASDA-A2 Servo motor.

The Delta ASDA-A2-3043-E is part of the Delta ASDA A2 Servo drive series. This servo drive is powered by an external 3-Phase, 400VAC Voltage supply, delivers rated output power of 3 kW and continuous output Current of 11.9Amperes.

The Delta ASDA-A2-3043-E comes with CN7 Terminal that acts as extension port for Digital Input. It supports PR mode and capable of communicating using EtherCAT protocol.

The Delta ASDA-A2-3043-E has embedded discrete and analog I/O, which permits wiring of external signal references to remotely control the ASDA-A2-3043-E Delta Servo Drive.

Additionally, the ASDA-A2-3043-E may be used with an externally installed regenerative resistor and comes with an integral fan as the device’ cooling system.