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AC Servo System Panel

The AC servo system, used in machine tools, industrial robots and a variety of other manufacturing machinery, precisely controls the rotor position, rotation direction, rotation speed, and torque of servo motors. Features such as fast calculation, the ability to generate and output multiple waveforms, and feedback control are necessary to achieve fast response to changes in load, improved stopping accuracy and minimal vibration. Also, the AC servo system requires communication functions (industrial network support) for advanced motion control instructions, remote operation and synchronous processing.

To meet these needs, Renesas offers an extensive product lineup that includes the RZ and RX families of microprocessors (MPUs) and microcontrollers (MCUs). The RZ/T1 is a microprocessor that is ideal for AC servo control applications, combining fast real-time processing performance with extensive peripheral functions such as multifunction motor control timer, A/D converter, encoder interface, and R-IN Engine. The RX Family of 32-bit MCUs offers a wide range of products. And, an array of analog and power devices are also available.